Business Tax

Staying on top of the current changes in tax law is essential for every business.

At R&R Accounting Corp., we know that proactive and aggressive tax planning is critical to minimizing your tax liabilities. When you work with us we make tax planning part of your overall financial strategy and not just something we do at year-end.

You can be confident that our firm is on top of the current new developments in the tax laws to decrease both your current and future tax liabilities. We offer practical, proactive and innovative solutions to tax planning that put your business or personal needs first. Our firm provides our individual and business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve year round.

Our IRS Enrolled Agents perform the following Business Tax Preparation:
• Corporations
• Partnerships
• Sole Proprietorships
• Estates
• Trusts

Individual Tax

Proactive tax planning strategies can impact your bottom line.

At R&R Accounting Corp., we offer a full range of tax and financial planning service to individuals and their families. Our team of tax specialists has the technical knowledge and expertise to provide top-quality tax and financial services to individual taxpayers and their related family members, business entities, trusts, and other related entities.

We strive to minimize your tax obligations and ensure compliance with the ever changing federal, state, and local tax laws. We are large enough to provide a very broad range of tax services to our clients, yet small enough to provide you with individualized attention.

Our emphasis on planning helps reduce tax obligations and helps clients to anticipate their cash flow needs. We incorporate your financial goals and objectives at the core of the planning process. We stress timely responses to client issues and inquiries.

Our Enrolled Agents are continually monitoring recent and proposed legislation for its potential impact on our clients. We continue to be actively involved in industry organizations and in-touch with taxing organizations to stay on top of the current trends, issues, and opportunities.

State and Local Tax (SALT)

The tough economic climate has left many state and local governments aggressively looking for every tax dollar they can find. Let us help you minimize your state and local tax liability and help you stay compliant with the rapidly changing tax rules and regulations.

At R&R Accounting Corp., we provide comprehensive tax services that meet your specific needs. Our team of NYC Accountants are tax specialists that have the technical knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide top-quality multi-state and local tax services to both closely-held businesses and individuals. We strive to help you minimize your tax liability and ensure compliance with the ever-changing tax rules and regulations while helping you achieve your overall financial goals.

The philosophy is to take a proactive approach with our clients. Our emphasis on planning helps to reduce the tax liabilities of our tax clients. We stress timely completion of tax compliance and timely response to any tax questions you may have. Our Enrolled Agents are continually monitoring recent and proposed federal, state, and local legislation for potential impact on our clients.

Our team has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries which allows us to quickly become familiar with your circumstances and offer the best possible tax advice in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Sales and Payroll Tax

Most states now require business owners to register and file their taxes online. This can be a difficult and confusing task for small business owners. Let R&R Accounting Corp., assist you in the registration and filing process. We can walk you through the registration process, ensure you are compliant, and resolve any issues you may have.

Sales Tax
• Assist with the registration process
• Assistance with monthly, quarterly, and yearly filings
• Audit and notice resolution

In addition to the services listed above, R&R Accounting Corp. also
provides a variety of payroll services which include:
• Help with filing your quarterly, semi-annual, and annual filings
• Processing weekly payroll for clients
• Assistance in helping you find a payroll service that best meets your needs
• Assistance in resolving notices or with audits

For more information, contact us today.

For more information, contact us today.


You started your company and are trying to keep the books yourself. You quickly realize that you need more time to run the business. Perhaps you need help but choose not to hire someone full-time. Whatever your needs, R&R Accounting Corp. is here to help.

Following are some of the services we provide:
• Set up chart of accounts
• Monthly bookkeeping service
• Train and assist internal bookkeeper
• Payroll return preparation
• Bank reconciliations
• Reconciliation of account balances to source data
• Preparation of budgets
• Tax planning

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IRS Problem Resolution

Our professionals will represent you from start to finish.

At R&R Accounting Corp., we are Enrolled Agents licensed to practice before the IRS. Let us deal with the IRS so you don't have to. When you are faced with an audit by the IRS you may not know where to turn or what to do. We specialize in working with you to solve your tax problems and negotiate the lowest possible tax debt settlement allowed by law.

We'll talk directly with the IRS for you and negotiate on your behalf. We speak their language and we understand their rules.
Ignoring IRS problems won't help and can make things worse. If you owe taxes the IRS may garnish your wages, your pension, your savings, your property, or even your social security checks. Don't let it get out of hand. We can help, give us a call today.

Services offered:
• Audit representation
• Offer in compromise
• Relief from IRS collection procedures
• Negotiate payment plans
• Correct previously filed tax returns
• Stop wage garnishment
• Stop bank account levies

Business Management Services

Here at R&R Accounting Corp., we know that starting a new business is very exciting but at the same time can also be very stressful and confusing in selecting and creating the best legal business entity structure that’s suits your company. This is where our specialists come in to advise you each and every step of the way.

Our Enrolled Agents will show you all the pros and cons for each legal business structure whether it be a partnership, corporation, or sole proprietorship and also the tax implications for each. Our job here at R&R Accounting Corp., is to advise our clients on selecting the most advantageous legal entity structure that will reduce their tax liability and positively impact their company financially.

After selecting your legal entity, we will take care of all the legal filings in creating and starting your business, leaving you with a stress free experience and more time to focus on other important things. Give us a call today to get your business off to a successful start.

CFO Services

Growing businesses often reach a point where they need professional financial advice, but can't afford a
full-time CFO or controller.

If you're fortunate enough to be in this position then, we have the perfect solution for you. Our Part-Time CFO service gives you a professional financial manager who works with you to help guide your business to success.

The cost of hiring a full-time CFO can range from $60,000 to over $100,000 per year, plus bonuses and benefits. Our Part-Time CFO service provides you with experienced support at a small fraction of that cost.

Here's what you get with our Part-Time CFO services...
• More time to focus on new services, new customers, and other core business issues.
• Better understanding of the financial side of your business, so you have less surprises and more control over the money.
• Improved decision-making capabilities from clearly seeing the hard and true numbers of your business.
• A readily available sounding board to help you with those tough business decisions and help you clarify your business plans.
• The comfort from knowing that a professional is overseeing, protecting, and constantly improving the financial side of your      business.
• A professional who establishes strong financial controls in your business to reduce employee theft and increase profits.
• Training and managing your accounting staff.
• Improved quality and timeliness of financial information.
• Budget preparation and monitoring.
• Profitability analysis by service or product line.
• Tax saving strategies.
• Trend analysis.
• Assistance in defining long-range plans and the quantification of goals.
• Cash management.
• Liaison with bankers, attorneys, vendors, insurance agents, etc.
• Assistance in obtaining financing from banks, including assistance with negotiations.
• Review/negotiation of insurance policies.
• Development of company accounting procedure manuals.
• Analysis of equipment purchases, expansions, etc.
• Mergers and acquisitions assistance.
• Custom designed collection policies and procedures.

If you'd like to learn more about our Part-Time CFO Services please call us today.

Quick Tips.
Energy Credit
If you’ve installed new windows, exterior doors, insulation, or replaced water heater, you may be able to take the Energy Credit deduction.
School Teachers
Teachers are entitled to deduct up to $250 for the purchase of supplies for their classroom.
Retirement Contributions
Contributions of up to $5,000 to your IRA is deductible if under 50 yrs or $6,000 if over 50yrs.